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Cantonati, M., Armanini, D. G., Demartini, D., Papatheodoulou, A., Bilous, O. T., Angeli, N., Stancheva, R., Dörflinger, G., Manoylov, K. M. 2024. Has climate change over the last ten years caused a banalisation of diatom communities in Cypriot streams? Science of the Total Environment, 174495; LINK

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Stancheva, R., Sethuraman, A., Khadivar, H., Archambeau, J., Caughran, E., Chang, A., Hunter, B., Ihenyen, C., Onwukwe, M., Palacios, D., La Prairie, C., Read, N., Tsang, J., Vega, B., Velasquez, C., Zhang, X., Becket, E., Read, B. 2024. Characterizing the microbial metagenome of calcareous stromatolite formations in the San Felipe Creek in Anza Borrego Desert. Microbiology Resource Announcements LINK

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Abarka, N., Stancheva, R., Skibbe, O., Schimani, K., Kusber, W-H., Zimmermann, J., Jahn, R. 2023. Gomphadelpha (Bacillariophyceae) – a new genus name for taxa formerly subsumed within the name Gomphoneis herculeanum-complex. Nova Hedwigia Beiheft. LINK

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Before 2023
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Sethuraman, A., Stancheva, R., Castro, D., Sanders, C., Vega, B., Henry, S., Zhang, A., Moron- Solano, A., Kasler, A., M., Vengerova, G., Hausknecht-Buss, H., Johansen, H., Massaro, I., Mekuria, I., Caceres, L., Lastor, S., Zhang, X. Read, B. 2022. Genome of a novel Sediminibacterium discovered in association with two freshwater stream cyanobacteria from Southern California. Genes, Genomes, Genetics (G3) 12(7): jkac123. LINK

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Stancheva, R. 2022. Cocconeis fetscheriana sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta) from streams in California (USA) with reference to the cingulum variability within the placentuloid species complex. Diatom Research, 37:2, 127-144. LINK

Mora, D., Stancheva, R., Jahn, R. 2022. Cocconeis czarneckii sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta): a new diatom species from Lake Okoboji (Iowa, USA), based on the strain UTEX FD23. Phycologia 61: 60-74. LINK

Claeson, S. M., LeRoy, C. J., Finn, D. C., Stancheva, R. H., Wolf, E. R. 2021. Variation in riparian and stream assemblages across the primary succession landscape of Mount St. Helens, U.S.A. Freshwater Biology 66: 1002-1017. LINK

Vis, M. L., Tiwari, S., Evans, J. R., Stancheva, R., Sheath, R. G., Kennedy, B., Lee, J., Eloranta, P. 2020. Revealing hidden diversity in the Sheathia arcuata complex (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) including four new species. Algae 35: 213-224. LINK

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Stancheva, R., Škaloud, P., Pusztai, M., Loflen, C. L., Sheath, R. G. 2019. First record of the rare freshwater alga Tetrasporopsis fuscescens (Chrysomerophyceae, Ochrophyta) in North America. Fottea 19: 163–174. LINK

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Hall, J. D., Stancheva, R., McCourt, R. M., Sheath, R. G. 2018. Ochlochaete incrustans sp. nov. a new species of freshwater ulvophycean from California, U.S.A. Phycologia 57: 465-476. LINK

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Book Reviews

Stancheva, R., Sheath, R. G. 2012.The Diatoms: Application for the Environmental and Earth Sciences. Journal of Phycology 48: 261-262.

Stancheva, R., Sheath, R. G. 2009. Common Freshwater Algae of the United States. An Illustrated Key to the Genera (Excluding the Diatoms). Journal of Phycology 45: 532-533.

Standard Operating Procedures for SWAMP

Stancheva, R., Sheath, R. G. 2019. Standard Operating Procedures for Internal and External Quality Control of Laboratory Processing, Identification and Enumeration of Stream Algae in California. California State Water Resources Control Board Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) Bioassessment SOP.

Stancheva, R., Busse, L., Kociolek, J. P., Sheath, R. G. 2015. Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Processing and Identification of Stream Algae. California State Water Resources Control Board Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) Bioassessment SOP 0003. LINK

Electronic Publications of Diatom Species

Stancheva, R. 2022. Cocconeis coreana. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2021. Cocconeis czarneckii. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2020. Planothidium sheathii. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Ciugulea, I., Stancheva, R. 2020. Halamphora subtilis. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2020. Cocconeis cascadensis. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2018. Fallacia californica. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2018. Fallacia tenera. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2018. Nitzschia soratensis. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2017. Gomphoneis oreophila. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Bishop, I. & Stancheva, R. 2017. Navicula genovefae. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R. 2016. Gomphonema californicum. In Diatoms of North America LINK

Stancheva, R., Fuller, C., Sheath, R. G. 2016. Soft-bodied Stream Algae of California LINK

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